How to Save Your Website from the Effects of Search Engine Algorithm Changes

Search engines continuously make changes to their algorithms. Although this news means nothing to a person who uses search engines to look for things he is interested in, this is a nightmare for Web masters. Especially if a Web master is trying to boost a website’s ranking through search engine optimization (SEO), changes in a search engine’s algorithm can obliterate everything that the Web master has done. What is worse is that these changes are inevitable, and there is absolutely nothing you can do to prevent them from affecting you and your SEO efforts.

Even though the effects of search engine algorithm changes cannot be avoided, there are things that you can do in order to at least lessen their engine algorithm

Before we continue discussing ways you can make your website less vulnerable to changes in search engine algorithms, keep in mind first that if your website experiences some fluctuations with traffic, it does not automatically mean that an algorithm change has taken place. Fluctuations are extremely normal and they do not always constitute for major algorithm changes, so do not continuously worry about them.

Here are suggestions you can take in order to help shield your SEO website from changes in search engine algorithms.

• Use keywords wisely

Keywords are the bread and butter of SEO. Therefore, to prevent heavy blows from algorithm changes, you should select and use your keywords wisely.

a. Focus on target keywords: Most Web masters think that if they stuff their SEO websites with more keywords, they would be able to garner more search engine traffic. This is a possibility, but this is not always the case.

In addition, you might also think that a great way to boost traffic would be to use new keywords on top of what you are already using. This is actually counter-productive, as using varying keywords will only dilute the power of each keyword, ultimately leading to less search engine traffic. If you want to boost traffic, you need to stay focused on just one keyword.

b. Try using long tail keywords: Long tail keywords are actually a great way to determine whether an algorithm change has taken place.

Since long tail keywords are not frequently used by many Web masters, chances are they will be less susceptible to traffic fluctuations. If these keywords experience sudden and severe traffic drops, then that could be a telling sign that an algorithm change has taken place.

c. Use less competitive keywords: These keywords suffer less from updates of search engines. For instance, if five websites (including yours) are competing for a keyword, regardless if search engines change their algorithm, the worst position your website will get would be fifth, which still falls on the first page of search results. That’s better than coming twentieth out of five hundred websites competing for the same exact keyword.

• Choose where you will get your backlinks wisely

backlinksIn the old days, getting backlinks from any website on the Internet is good enough for SEO. Now, links that come from terrible websites can damage you.

Make sure that the websites where you get your backlinks are reputable or at least related to the content that your website has. Not only will they lead to more traffic, but good websites also experience less traffic changes, and as long as you have a link hanging on to them, your website will also remain safe.

• Endorse your SEO website with the help of social media

You should not be exerting all of your SEO efforts on search engines. You need to find other ways to boost traffic for your website aside from SEO. This includes endorsing the website through social media platforms, which are obviously very popular today.

• Regularly update your website

This is SEO 101, but it’s still good advice even if you are an expert already. Constantly producing new content for your website will keep traffic constant, and will help your website prevent sudden fluctuations.

Although some have actually boosted their rankings in search engines through the algorithm changes, that is just mostly due to sheer luck. If you wish to avoid the issues that come with these algorithm changes, you need to be active in taking the steps listed above.

SEO Company: The Good and the Bad

SEO is a very dynamic industry. There are hundreds of thousands of SEO companies almost in every city of the world. If you run an online business or plan to launch one soon, SEO is Good SEO Companysomething you can’t ignore. There are multiple SEO tactics that can be used to improve the rankings of a website or blog in search results for more lead generation and profits. A good SEO company knows how to boost the rank of a site in Google, Yahoo or Bing search results. However, it’s not easy to identify a good SEO company – one that’s just right for your business needs.

Let’s first have a look at these statistics:

  • 57% B2B marketers say SEO has the biggest impact on lead generation.
  • Search is the #1 traffic driver for websites and blogs.
  • 60% of organic clicks go to the organic top 3 searc results.
  • Local searches lead 50% mobile visitors to visit stores in one day.

There are tons of statistics that prove SEO is essential for online business success. If you’re really serious about the growth of your web-based business, you’ll need to work with an SEO company sooner or later.

But you have to be careful!

There are lots of bad SEO companies that don’t only game clients but also search engines. If you want real results and business growth through search engine optimization, you should be able to avoid abusive SEO companies. Whether you plan to hire an SEO professional or an SEO company, it’s crucial to have the knowledge which enables you to tell the good from the bad.

What Does an SEO Company Do?
First and foremost, you need to understand what exactly an SEO company or SEO agency does on a day-to-day basis. Infact, this is the very first thing you would want to know about an SEO company before you hire them. Since SEO could cost you several thousands of dollars, you should have a detailed look at the activities that your hired SEO comoany or agency will perform.

To understand the activities of an SEO company in a crystal-clear manner, you should know what SEO primarily refers to.

Chiefly, SEO involves –

  • Creation of content
  • Generation of links (or backlinks)
  • Performance analysis and improvement

While many SEO companies may claim to perform all these tasks for your business website, it’s easier said than done. Creation of content means creating high quality, relevant content on a consistent basis. Likewise, links that an SEO company generates for your site should be high quality. Most importantly, the SEO company you hire should have extensive experience in SEO analytics and reporting so that results can be improved over time.

But then, that’s just the tip of the iceberg! A reliable SEO company performs a wide range of essential activities to analyze the current SEO of your website, develop an effective SEO strategy, implement it and then keep a close watch on the progress and tweak the strategy as required for better results.

So, this is what a good SEO company will exactly do –

  • Conduct an SEO audit
  • Perform a competitive analysis
  • Research keywords
  • Initial optimization
  • Link building/monitoring
  • Outreach
  • Blogging
  • Ongoing reporting/analysis

To make their tasks easier, your hired SEO company will also use a wide range of online (free or paid) tools. It’s important that your SEO company or SEO professional keeps you regularly in the loop and up-to-date with everything that goes on your site on a daily basis, on-page and off-page.

Different Types of SEO Companies
Every SEO company that you come across or that approaches you isn’t a good one. In today’s industry, different types of SEO companies exist. And the SEO results will only depend on who you choose to work with.

Hire-Good-SEO-CompanyThe Company That Resells: These SEO companies don’t actually focus on SEO or have SEO as their core services. What they actually do is close deals with you and then outsource the work to their partners. Since they don’t do it themselves, it creates a lot of issues throughout the process. And you’ll never know who you’re actually working with and what their expertise is.

The Company That Thrives on Buzz: They act like big SEO companies. You’ll find them on a lot of listing websites or directories out there. All they focus on is making good profits by showing short-term results.

The Company That Lacks Up-to-Date Knowledge:
There are many SEO agencies that will have a number of SEO reports to showcase. These providers are actually larger in size than those that thrive on buzz. They will have a list of some clever SEO tools to show you. But the minus point with these SEO providers is that they are not up-to-date with the latest industry trends and algorithmic changes.

The Company Next Door: These companies continue in business because of their links with larger SEO firms. It’s due to some key marketing tactics that they keep on attracting clients. In reality, their knowledge of SEO is limited.

The Company That You Should Work With: This type of SEO company believes in working according to a well-structured strategy. So, they’ll create a specific, clear-to-understand SEO strategy for your website or blog. They’ll provide you with real case studies and reports along with references from real clients. They’ll keep you in the loop right from the beginning while being flexible. They strictly follow the webmaster and search engine quality guidelines and are always up-to-date with every new industry trend and change in a search engine’s algorithm.

Warning Signs of a Bad SEO Company
Hiring a bad SEO company can be detrimental to your business website or blog. Bad SEO doesn’t only fail to generate traffic, but it can make your entire site go down. When choosing an SEO company, you should proceed with extreme care. There are some warning signs that can help you identify a bad one.

These warning signs include –

Guarantees: Google updates its ranking algorithm on a regular basis. For any good SEO company, it takes time to deliver results. If any SEO company promises that they’ll double organic traffic to you site in 3-4 months, you should quickly get suspicious. Likewise, any agency that guarantees a #1 ranking position for a highly competitive keyword overnight is probably trying to sell you a lie.

Lowest Price: Modern-day SEO isn’t child’s play. Achieving success at today’s SEO takes extensive research and planning. If the cost/month an SEO company is offering you for their service is incredibly low, you should take it as a warning sign. There’s no such thing as ‘unbelievable deals’ as far as SEO is concerned.

Vague Explanation: It’s extremely important to keep yourself up-to-date with what your SEO company does to improve the SEO of your site. Most importantly, you should have a clear understanding of all the activities being performed. If your SEO company fails at explaining what they’re doing or give you an explanation that’s not clear, you should suspect their activities.

Things You Should Remember
When you’re looking for an SEO company and planning to invest in SEO for long-term business growth, you should always keep a few important points in mind. It will help you make the right decisions.

SEO isn’t Just a One-Time Investment:
If you think you’ll do SEO once and the results will be visible for months and years, you’re mistaken. Organic search traffic falls down over time due to multiple reasons – search algorithm updates, outdated content and increasing competition. SEO is a continuous process, and you should keep working at it for long-term success.

SEO isn’t Cheap: Hiring a good SEO company isn’t cheap. Five or ten years ago, you could easily get a boost in your site’s rankings by stuffing keywords into the meta tags and content and submitting to 1000s of directories. Today’s SEO requires a completely different approach and adherence to Google’s quality guidelines. It’s the age of content marketing and natural link building. If an SEO company provides SEO services for as cheap as $200 or $300 a month, you can imagine how much time they’ll be devoting to your site or SEO project.

Search Rankings Change: No matter how great your website looks, it won’t bring you enough business if it’s difficult to find via search engines. Every business website is in need of good SEO for increased visibility. If you think your website can do without SEO, you’re only helping your competitor’s business make more profits. Understand the potential of good SEO and invest in an effective SEO strategy so that your website can be easily found by your customers.

Hiring an SEO company is Best: Even if you have good knowledge of SEO, you may not be able to devote the time that successfully planning, executing and managing an SEO campaign requires. Hiring a good SEO company will ensure a higher quality of services and a greater ROI.

Now that you understand what an SEO company can do for your online business and how to tell good ones from bad ones, you should not make any more delay in hiring a good one for your specific requirements. It’s time you stopped asking yourself whether or not you need the services of an SEO company. Instead, you should decide how much you’re willing to spend. As long as you choose a good SEO company, you can be sure of getting an incredible return on your investment.

The SEO process: how it works

Before you start with your SEO project, you need to understand first how the whole SEO process works. The process of SEO is a long and complex one; therefore, we are going to discuss it here by dividing the entire process into six basic steps.

These six steps involved in the process of SEO do not signify a beginning nor an end. Just because you are done with the sixth step does not mean that it is over. SEO is a continuous process which has no end. What you do after you have finished the final stage of the process is move back to the first one and start all over. If you want your success to continue indefinitely, you must be willing to monitor results and create engaging and effective content as much as possible.

Here are the six steps in the SEO process.SEO process

  1. Research
  2. Goal Setting and Reporting
  3. Building Content
  4. Page Optimization
  5. Link Building
  6. Follow-up Analysis and Reporting

Research. This process involves looking for the key words which will appear on the articles to be put on the website. This is an extremely important step, and it always requires a lot of time and effort. Looking for great phrase sets requires the mix of two significant aspects: high searcher usage, and low competition in search engines.

There are online tools which you can use in order to make your research simpler. Some software allows researchers to determine how a particular key word was used by searchers, and how many searchers used that particular key word. However, the most used key words by researchers may also be the one used most by SEO writers, so it would be futile to make use of these words for your content.

Goal Setting and Reporting. Once you have acquired the keywords that you need, the next step is to determine the starting position of your website. How is its standing right now? What factors of the website need to be improved? This process is necessary because the findings of this study will eventually be used as the gauge by which all levels of success will be measured.

Once these have been resolved, you will then focus on developing an SEO plan. The goals you will establish for your website will be measurable, something which is considered as an advantage in search engine optimization, and it will always be linked to the business objectives of your website.

Content Building. Content is the primary concern in search engine optimization. If you want your website to be successful, you have to do something to improve the content of your website. Search engines are fans of high quality and high volume texts. If you want to rank high in their search results lists, you need to make significant improvements and maintain a standard in your writing. Remember that the people who are searching online are looking to read information. Therefore, you should do your best to provide that information in the highest quality possible. This ensures that your website will enjoy a steady flow of traffic.

Page Optimization. Once your website has excellent content, the next thing that you need to be concerned about is optimizing it. To do this, remember the following:
Make your titles interesting. Do not just stick with one company name, or the basic “welcome” sign.

Include text-based navigation in your website. Your website should supply text based navigation so that search engines can properly index them. Remember that search engines are unable to index images, so you need to provide texts which can be read by the search engines.

Social and Link Building. The next phase involves getting in touch with your SEO audience. You can build social links by advertising your website on social media. An increasing number of people are now using social media, so a great way to get to them is to endorse on social media. At the same time, you should also build links with other SEO writers and websites by providing both inbound and outbound links. Guest blogging is one way you can increase the traffic of your website, because you are providing publicity for your company by serving as a guest on another website.

Follow-up Reporting and Analysis. At the beginning of your campaign, you engaged in reporting and analysis. Now that the whole process has been executed, the final step that you are going to take is reflecting on your current accomplishments and checking if there are any improvements that you can do for your website. Site traffic levels, rankings, and social signals are compared with their levels before the campaigns and improvements started. Here, you will check if there is any remarkable change with the amount of traffic that your website receives. The measurements that you are going to use will be determined by the goals of your website.

Investing on a Reliable SEO Service Provider

SEO experts believe that SEO is far from dead. In fact, there are lots of companies that are making a renewed commitment to invest in developing SEO-optimized web infrastructures that are SEO friendly, given the search engines’ constant commitment to improve their algorithms over time.

Reasons Why You Need to Invest on a Reliable SEO Provider

The approaches used in improving sales have changed a lot over time. The traditional Reliable SEO Providermethods, like printing out leaflets and brochures, might not be as effective as before. The internet has changed the way business is done today. It serves as a link between businesses and the consumers. Also, it becomes the avenue through which the market has opened its mind to broader possibilities and fresh ideas. In order to have a sturdy SEO in place, you need a dependable SEO service provider to help you out. Hiring them will save time and energy and it will yield better results.

A reliable provider should also have sufficient knowledge on how an organic SEO works. They should also know the reasons why businesses should invest in optimization. A good provider knows how search engines behave. These search engines are unpredictable and it requires a smart, versatile and creative provider to adapt to their changing demands and standards. To help you out with your SEO, you need to find a dependable SEO service provider that are aware of the reasons why it is important for a business to invest on organic SEO.

Reasons for Investing on Organic SEO

Below is a list of reasons why your business should consider investing in organic SEO:

It is still effective

One of the important reasons why investing in organic SEO is a must is that this technique is still very effective. A reliable SEO service provider knows that as long as you are focused on optimal user experience as you perform methodic SEO strategies, you will surely rank higher and it will increase your organic traffic.

It will continue and will not stop working any time soon

Based on how search engines appear to be developing, it seems that SEO won’t cease to be effective any time in the future. On some stages, even video and audio searches depend mostly on keywords the same as conventional text-based content. This link ensures the effectiveness of SEO techniques as long as it exists.

It cost less

As compared to other online marketing strategies, like social media marketing, PPC advertising, or buying leads for an email marketing program, SEO provides better ROI. While PPC may boost revenue and social media may be more vital for your image, your organic SEO remains the backbone of your online presence.

Search Engines Attract More Market Share

Around 90% of consumers check online reviews before making a purchase and this number is expected to increase in the future. If you want your business to be visible to your target audience, you need to put an organic SEO strategy in place. Without it, people will have a hard time finding you and instead, they will find your competitors.

Increase Mobile Bandwidth and Local Search Optimization

The amount of traffic delivered to mobile devices is expected to surpass the traffic delivered to conventional desktop devices. Because of this explosion in mobile usage, SEO service providers are encouraging consumers to use fresh SEO techniques like local search optimization.

Poor Content Profile is Damaging

Google and other engines are updating their search algorithms regularly, thus the way they look at websites are also changing. Things that didn’t exist in the earlier years, such as social media indicators, are now given high importance in terms of their effect on your rankings. Not having a good content profile is very damaging to your business, because it is one of the factors Google evaluates when checking on your site.

Your Rivals have been Applying it

Keep in mind that SEO is a continued process. If you are not advancing and improving your position, you are losing a lot and your competitors are getting the edge. That is the simple fact of how the organic SEO works. If you ignore this important tool, your competitors will definitely out maneuver you.

Investing in a dependable SEO service provider to help you with organic SEO is more important than ever. Your business needs to have an effective strategy in place if you want to succeed in terms of online marketing. SEO remains one of the essential components when it comes to establishing online presence.

The reasons stated above are only some of the many reasons why you should invest in a dependable SEO company. Regardless, how big or small your business is, it won’t do harm if you give it a try. The results may not be instant but you will definitely notice it once it starts working.